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Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy To Quit Smoking,
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Memphis Hypnosis, A Professional Service By Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.

Attention Smokers . . .

You Can Stop Smoking, Quickly, Easily, and Naturally

  • Do you want to quit smoking because of your . . .

      • Family?
      • Health?
      • Finances?

  • Have you tried to quit smoking before but couldn’t, long term?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then read on, because this is definitely for you!

Problem — Why You Haven’t Been Able to Stop Smoking Until Now

No other method, other than hypnosis, deals with the psychological reasons for smoking. Unlike other methods, our Specialized Stop Smoking Hypnosis Process is the best way to stop smoking permanently.

Memphis Hypnosis, A Professional Service By Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.
Memphis Hypnosis, A Professional Service By Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.
  • Better Than Patches, Gum, or Vaping — Maybe you’ve tried nicotine patches, gum, or vaping.

    But they don’t work, because they don’t handle the psychological component.

  • Better Than Willpower — Maybe you’ve tried willpower.

    But will power doesn’t work because it requires constant attention. If you forget, then you end up smoking automatically.

    In our hypnosis session, we will go straight to that part of you that is making you smoke, to stop it at the source.

  • Better Than Other Hypnotist — Perhaps you’ve tried another hypnotist. But most hypnotists are generalists.

    We are specialists in stop smoking, and we have a great system that works extremely well.

  • Better Than Other Methods — Or maybe you’ve tried other methods that don’t work.

    Instead, we will speak directly to your inner mind to make it easy, natural, and simple to quite once and for all.

Promise — What We Promise You

When you use our — proven — Specialized Stop Smoking Hypnosis, We Guarantee You Will Stop Smoking (or else we will continue to work with you at no additional charge until you do)!

How can we be so sure? Because . . .

Memphis Hypnosis, A Professional Service By Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.
    1. Dr. Ethridge (Ph.D.) is the highest trained, certified, and most experienced hypnotist in the Mid-South Area and he specializes in Stop Smoking Hypnosis.
    2. Before we decide whether to take you on as a client, we will interview you to make sure that you are a good fit for our program. To qualify, you need to be . . .
      1. Motivated to Stop Smoking — You need to want to stop smoking — yourself — not because someone else (like a doctor, spouse, or child) wants you to.
      2. 100% Ready to Stop Smoking — If you are not completely sure you want to stop smoking, then this is not for you.
      3. Committed to Stop Smoking — This means you understand that you are the one ultimately responsible for stopping smoking. We cannot “wave a magic wand” and “make” you stop smoking. You must commit to our program to stop smoking.
      4. Able and Willing to Invest In Yourself — What is your life worth? No matter how much we charge for our process, it’s nowhere near what your life is worth. We are not cheap. But your life is worth far more than what we charge.
    3. We only take on Stop Smoking Clients who meet all of the qualifications listed above.
    4. Once we decide to take you on as a client, our hypnosis process works with your  Unconscious Mind and . . .
      1. Finds and eliminates your “root cause” for smoking
      2. Discovers and deletes your motivation for smoking
      3. Installs an aversion to smoking (cigarettes and any form or nicotine will become repulsive to you).
      4. Discovers and strengthens your motivation to stop smoking
      5. Installs your “Craving  Buster” to prevent / minimize future cravings to smoke
      6. Installs suggestions for weight control, so that your eating habits will improve
      7. Generates New Behaviors that replace smoking with simple, natural behaviors
      8. Installs resources that will help you defeat “saboteurs” (those temptations to smoke, such as other smokers, stress, curiosity, arrogance, and self-tests)
      9. Changes your self-identity from a Smoker to “Normal” (a non-smoker)

5. After the hypnosis session, we will provide you with coaching “opportunity assignments” that will help you stay on the normal path as a non-smoker.

Our Specialized Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program consists of an initial 2-hour session. During this time we will take you through the following four steps.

  1. Intake — We will conduct a 15-minute interview with you to understand . . .
    1. What motivated you to start smoking
    2. How long you’ve been smoking
    3. How much you smoke
    4. What smoking is costing you
    5. What triggers you to smoke
    6. On what occasions or in what circumstances you smoke
    7. What you think smoking means to you or does for you
    8. Your motivations to stop smoking
  2. Information — We will provide you with two types of information:
    1. About Smoking
          1. i. The health harms of smoking
          1. ii. The health benefits of stopping smoking
    1. About Hypnosis
          1. i. What hypnosis is and isn’t
          1. ii. How and why it works
          1. iii. How we will work with you using consulting hypnosis
  1. Induction — We will conduct the consulting hypnosis
    1. Warm-Ups (Light Trance Hypnosis Inductions / Demonstrations)
    2. Deep Trance Induction (for Stop Smoking Change Work)
    3. Bring out of Hypnosis
    4. Test and Future Pace Change
  1. Inspiration —  We will provide coaching and resources to help you remain normal (a non-smoker), to include:
    1. Taste bud replacements to tobaccob.
    2. Essential oils recommendations to quickly speed detox
    3. Monetary recommendation of how to benefit from money saved from no longer buying cigarettes.

After this initial 2-hour session, 90% of our clients have stopped smoking for good and do not need another session. In the unlikely event that you smoke after this session we will meet with you either by phone or in person for follow-up sessions ranging from 15 minutes to 60 minutes each until you do. We also offer group stop smoking sessions throughout the year and you can come to any or all of those at no additional charge.


Proof — How You Can Know It Works

Scientific studies have proven that hypnosis is the safest and most effective way to stop smoking long term: better than patches; better than gum; better than pills; better than herbs; better than willpower; better than every other method!

The New Scientist Magazine reported that:

"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking according to the largest ever scientific comparison of the ways of giving up smoking" (October 31, 1992).

Here is an example of what our successful clients say:

“I had been a smoker since 1995. On April 10, 2016 I went to see Steve Ethridge for hypnosis therapy to help me quit smoking. In one two-hour session, he helped me become a non-smoker for good. I am writing this as a testimony of how much happier, healthier, confident, and proud of myself I am for finally kicking the habit. If you or someone you know wants to stop smoking for good, I highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with Steve Ethridge for help now.”

LaShun Haynes, Memphis, TN

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stop smoking

Price — What If You Stop Smoking? What If You Don’t?

Before you decide to sign up now for our Specialized Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program, consider the consequences to you if you if you don’t stop smoking and then if you do.

You are now at the crossroads of your life . . .

100% Satisfaction Life Time Guarantee

We are so confident that our Specialized Stop Smoking Hypnosis Process works that we offer you a 100% Satisfaction Life Time Guarantee. This means that in the unlikely event that, at any time after you complete your first session, you go back to smoking, we will work with you at no charge, in 15-minute to 60- minute sessions, for up to two sessions per month, by phone or Zoom until you do stop smoking permanently. Also, you will be allowed to attend any or all of our periodic Group Stop Smoking Hypnosis Sessions for free, which we will let you know about by email.