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Now You Can Up Your Mental Game to Improve Your Performance and Win

Improve Your Confidence, Sharpen Your Focus, Improve Your Discipline, Increase Your Energy, Delete Your Bad Habits, Recover Rapidly from Injuries, Manage Your Pain, Have More Fun, and “Wow” Your Friends, Family, and Friends

Memphis Hypnosis, A Professional Service By Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.
Memphis Hypnosis, A Professional Service By Ethridge & Associates, L.L.C.
  • Are you training to increase your level from . . .

      • Amateur to pro?
      • Bench to a starter?
      • Second string to first string?
      • Your current rank to your next rank?
      • Local to the Olympics?

  • Do you too often “choke” when performing or testing?

  • Do you experience performance anxiety that gets in the way of you doing your best?

  • Would you like to “Up Your Game” to a higher level of performance?

  • Have you had a streak of “bad days” of practice or performance?

  • Is your coach or trainer “on your case” about a decline in your performance?

  • Do you have bad habits (like low discipline, alcohol, or drugs) are hindering your skills?

  • Is injury or physical pain preventing or slowing you down from performing your best?

  • Do you need to improve your discipline for training, exercise, or diet, be your best?

  • Or, maybe you just need that extra “edge” to meet your own performance expectations?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you will definitely want to read on to learn about our Athlete Performance Enhancing Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Program.

Problem — What’s Holding You Back from Performing Your Best

You’ve probably heard the sayings . . .

  • “Get your head in the game”
  • “Your mind is your greatest weapon”
  • “Get in the Zone”

These are not just sayings — your mind truly is your most important asset in any kind of performance.

But when your performance is not what you want it to be, it’s usually not your Conscious Mind that’s the problem, it’s your Unconscious Mind.

Imagine trying to perform in your chosen sport while consciously thinking about every single move you are making. Like when your first learned to drive a car or ride a bike, there are so many things to think about at once that it seems difficult because the Conscious Mind is trying to keep up with it all.


But the Conscious Mind is not designed to think that way. Over time, all of these details become skills in your “muscle memory” and in your Unconscious Mind so that you don’t’ have to think about every little thing at once.

That’s when you can perform at your highest and best level.

Even once you’ve developed the muscle memory, you may still have mental blocks or set backs from “bad days,” that can cause you to have blocks / barriers that prevent you from performing your best, such as:


Negative Emotions hurt your performance by weighing you down. Limiting Beliefs hurt your performance by holding you back from doing your best. You need a fast, safe, and reliable way of eliminating both of these problems.

Then you need to have envision and establish clear, realistic, and achievable Performance Goals.

Plus, you need to know how to anchor and get into resourceful states of mind when you need them, like Focus, Confidence, Competence, a Calm Mind, Excitement, Motivation, and Self Esteem, and feeling positively Powerful — all of which contribute to your High Performance Winning Mindset.

Also, of course, if you have any bad habits, like partying too much, laziness when you should be training, alcohol, drugs, or too much distraction from dating opportunities, you need to manage those as well.

Then, if you’re like most athlete, eventually you have injury or pain that hinders your performance. We can help you get your mind in a place where it can support fast healing

Finally, as often happens with athletes, you may just need to up your discipline in your training schedule, diet, or exercise routine.

Promise — How Hypnosis and NLP Help You Perform Your Best

All of the challenges listed above are what our Athlete Performance Enhancing Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Program will help you with, to achieve your highest aspirations in your chosen athletic field.

  • Release Negative Emotions — Using Hypnotic Time Line Therapy™ Processes we will help you quickly, easily, and naturally release any Negative Emotions, such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt, Guilt or minor ones like frustration that may be weighing you down and hindering your performance.

  • Delete Limiting Beliefs — Also, Using Hypnotic Time Line Therapy™ Processes, we will help you quickly, easily, and naturally delete any Limiting Beliefs, such as “I’m not good enough,” “I don’t know if I can,” “I don’t deserve it,” or “No one in my family has ever done this before” (these are just examples) that are holding you back from performing at your best.

  • nstall Empowering Beliefs — Having the belief that you can win and the attitude that you will do what it takes to win is the most important element of all in winning. Once we remove any Limiting Beliefs you may have, we will install winning beliefs in your Unconscious Mind that will support your ability to win more consistently.

  • Set and Achieve Goals — Using our Creating Your Future™ hypnotic process, which includes guided imagery and visualization, we will help you set simple, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed goals in your Unconscious Mind in a way that you will definitely achieve them.

    • Have you ever gone to sleep thinking about a problem or question that you didn’t know the solution or answer to, and then when you wake up in the morning, the answer seemed to “fall out of the sky” and hit you when you weren’t even thinking about it? That’s a common human experience.
    • The answer just appeared because when you fell asleep thinking about it, you were telling your Unconscious Mind to solve the problem or find the answer. So when your Conscious Mind was asleep, your Unconscious Mind, that is designed to serve you (once given instructions) went to work and came up with the solution/answer.
    • In the same way, we will help you install your goals in your Unconscious Mind in a way that will be programmed to help you achieve them, even when you are not thinking about it consciously. Your Unconscious Mind will then start serving up to your Conscious Mind things like the “next steps” you next to take, where, when, and how, to support you in achieving the goal, so that

  • Anchor and Activate Resourceful States of Mind — We will help you identify your most resourceful states that you need to call on, within yourself, to help you perform at your highest level, such as Focus, Confidence, Competence, a Calm Mind, Excitement, Motivation, and Self Esteem, and feeling Powerful.

  • Rapidly Recover from Injuries — Although neither we nor our techniques can “heal” you, and we’re not licensed medical professionals, the “Placebo Effect” has scientifically proven that your thinking can determine whether and how fast you get better. We can help you get your mind set such that it gives your body the best chance of healing as rapidly and completely as possible.

  • Manage Pain from Old Injuries without Drugs — Although pain is a signal that sometimes should be attended to medically, sometimes pain from old injuries that have healed can be from Negative Emotions that are stored in the body. For those types of situations, where the body has healed and is structurally sound, we teach you how to eliminate, reduce pain, and manage pain so that it no longer hinders your athletic performance.

  • Eliminate Bad Habits — If you have bad habits that are hindering your performance (for example, smoking, drinking, diet, drugs, or distractions), we can help you eliminate them and replace them.

  • Install Necessary Disciplines — If you lack the discipline you need to train, eat well, sleep well, exercise well, or maybe you have a poor form in your chosen athletic performance, we can help you install the proper discipline that you need to perform your best.

Our Athlete Performance Enhancing Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Program is customized to the individual needs of each athlete or team. Depending on the individual or team’s needs, programs can be designed for as few as two sessions or as an ongoing monthly retainer. The minimum program is for one month, as follows:

  • Two sessions per month
  • At least every other week
  • A minimum of two hours per session
  • Totaling 4 hours per month

We are so confident that our Athlete Performance Enhancing Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Program works that we promise you, if you are 100% committed to the program, and follow our process, you will achieve significantly increased sports performance even after the first month.


Proof — How You Can Know It Works

It is well known among athletic circles that, since ancient times, athletes have used what today s is defined as hypnotic techniques, such as visualization and guided hypnosis. For example, martial artists have long been taught to “picture your opponent” when practicing.

More recently, Sports Hypnosis has been used accepted at the highest levels of competition since at least 1956. The following are some examples of famous athletes’ use of hypnosis that have been reported:

  • Olympic Athletes

      • During the Melbourne Olympics, elven hypnotherapist were hired to accompany the team to install confidence and the “will to win.
      • The Swiss Olympic Ski Squad used guided imagery to help them win 2 medals in 1968 and then went on to win 3 medals in 1968 and more in 1972.
      • Steve Hooker won the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal in pole vaulting after his hypnotist helped him visualize his success.
      • The Irish Athletes commissioned a hypnosis practitioner to work with team members in preparing for the 2012 Olympic games. Focus for performance under pressure was addressed.
      • Time Magazine reported in a cover story on the 1984 Olympics that on the night before the finals in women’s gymnastics, famous athlete, Mary Lou Retton, then age 16, lay in bed at the Olympic Village mentally rehearsing her performance ritual. She had done the same on hundreds of previous nights, visualizing herself performing all her routines perfectly. The result, of course, was a performance of perfection, presented with charm, poise and confidence, culminating in a gold medal.
      • In 1996, Irish boxer Steve Collins used hypnosis for the Middleweight Boxing Championship of the world against Chris Eubank. The suggestion under hypnosis was to throw two punches for every one of reigning champion Eubank’s. In the bout Steve Collins threw twice as many punches as Eubank approximately 600 to 300 and became champion of the world.
      • A Wall Street Journal article (February 11, 2002) brings recognition to the field of hypnotherapy. Bronze medal Olympic champion Adam Malysz used hypnosis for his ski jump victory: “And before ascending the ramp and lurching down that icy slide in the 90-meter event, he descended an imaginary staircase-20 slow deep steps into a trance.”

  • Professional Golf

      • Jack Nicklaus claims that his golf success due to practicing concentration and visualization. He estimated that 50% of his game is mental imagery.
      • Tiger Wood’s mental coach, Jay Brunza, hypnotized him to block out distractions and focus on the golf course. When Woods was a teenager, he worked with a hypnotist to help place his mind in the proverbial zone.
      • Jimmy Connors, used hypnosis in winning the U.S. Open Championship.

  • Professional Basketball

      • Phil Jackson, NBA head coach of the Chicago Bulls, practiced daily self-hypnosis when he coached Michael Jordon and the Bulls to their 6 NBA championships.
      • Later, after coaching the L.A. Lakers to win the Western Conference Finals in 2002, Jackson credited his morning practice of self-hypnosis, meditation and visualization with giving the Lakers the belief they could win.

  • Professional Baseball

      • Perhaps one of the most famous examples of hypnotherapy in professional sports is the story of the great baseball player, Rodney Carew, who played from 1967 to 1985. After suffering an injury which had technically healed, he was still experiencing pain symptoms and an elevated sense of self-doubt. Carew began to work with a hypnotherapist and he eventually came back to the best season of his entire career, with a batting score of almost .400, and went on to win ‘The most valuable player award’!
      • The entire 1983 Chicago White Sox baseball team used hypnosis to help win their division and reach the playoffs that year.
      • Others in baseball include Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Maury Wills, Don Sutton, Mark McGwire who all reported using hypnosis to be able to relax for baseball games.

  • Professional Boxing

      • Ingmar Johannson used hypnosis in training to win the heavy weight boxing title from Floyd Patterson in 1959.
      • Mohammed Ali began using hypnosis shortly after he lost to boxer Ken Norton, who had used hypnosis training before he famously defeated Mohammed Ali in 1973. Ken was a 7 to 1 underdog going into the fight.
      • Even heavy-weight boxing champion Mike Tyson had a personal hypnotist named John Halpin.

  • Body Building

      • In the early 1980s, bodybuilder Lee Henry hired hypnotist Peter Siegel to work with him and then went on to win the Mr. Olympia title eight years in a row!
      • Peter Siegal also worked with bodybuilder Mike Christian in 1985. Mike went on to conclusively win the Mr. America and Mr. Universe titles.
      • Mr. Universe winner, Tom Platz consulted a hypnotist to help him craft his body. In his book, Pro-Style Bodybuilding, Tom, says, “Unless my mind triggers the will to improve my physique, it won’t happen. Essentially, the mind is the master potentiator in bodybuilding.”


Price — What’s the Cost of Losing vs. Winning?

Before you consider the cost you might invest on Sports Hypnosis, consider what the cost of losing is to you and/or your team vs. the value of winning.

Then click the link below to book your Athlete Performance Enhancing Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Program Now.

We offer both in-person sessions in the Greater Memphis Area in Tennessee and/or Online Sessions through’s video screen sharing session.  We have had very good success with both types of sessions. We will also travel with athletes to out-of-town competitions to provide hypnosis on site before the events.

If you prefer a live, in person session, we have several locations to choose from and, once book your appointment, we will have a brief phone call to mutually choose a location for your session that is convenient for us both.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are so confident that our Athlete Performance Enhancing Hypnosis and NLP Coaching Program works that we offer you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This means the in that unlikely event that if, after any session, you are not completely satisfied, with that session, tell your consulting hypnotist/coach at the end of that session and we will refund your money for that session (each session is paid in advance), and you will be under no obligation to complete any further sessions.